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Natural IVF Cycle

The natural IVF cycle is similar to that of the traditional IVF cycle except that there are no medications given for stimulating egg formation. Esha IVF provides the safest and comfortable natural IVF cycle with higher chances of success rate. Although 'natural cycles' require all the other costly and demanding aspects of traditional IVF. The frequent appointments, injections to trigger ovulation, surgical egg retrievals, and embryo development in the lab are all present in natural cycle IVF. Yet, this treatment has higher chances of success than traditional methods.


Best patients for the Natural IVF cycle are

  • Younger patients with less than 35 years of age

  • Patients with only tubal infection or male factor infertility

  • Patients who can’t be treated by traditional IVF treatment

  • Patients with a history of hormone-sensitive cancer, or a strong family history of cancer.

Advantages of the natural IVF cycle

  • It has fewer side effects than traditional as it does not require egg stimulating medicines, so there is less chance of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS).

  • The risk of multiple pregnancies is reduced to 1%.

  • They have shorter and safer procedures. No general anaesthesia and IV is required, so the costs are reduced and patients feel more comfortable.

  • The natural IVF cycle has fewer injections and less complicated procedures so there are less stress and discomforts of daily injections.

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Esha IVF is the best place for natural IVF cycles at an affordable and budget-friendly price. Esha IVF has an adept team of IVF specialists who are well capable of handling complex and critical procedures delicately. Our doctors are expert and knowledgeable and you can consult us in case of any query.


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Researches have concluded that, in most cases, the major cause of infertility in females is attributed to stress and psychological factors. Stress can have a negative impact on sperm and egg production. Hence, it is important to take the help of an expert to manage stress and achieve the best treatment.

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A variety of factors can cause infertility, and the cause of infertility in every patient is different. Esha IVF, we provide a personalized treatment plan for couples that helps them achieve a successful pregnancy. Based on diagnosis (root cause), age, and health of the patient, the treatment is provided.

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When an IVF cycle is not successful, the most common cause is the embryo is not growing before implantation. There are various other factors that cause can IVF failure, like poor uterine receptivity and the use of poor quality of the embryo. A failed IVF can cause an emotional impact on one's health, but there are also other techniques that can help, like embryo donation and surrogacy program.

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The fertility workup will involve tests to determine if one is suffering from infertility issues and its causative agent:

  • Checking for hormone levels on specific days during the menstrual cycle.
  • Hysterosalpingogram or HSG is done to check for uterus and tubes shape.
  • Examination of cervical mucus.
  • HSG is done to check the shape of the uterus.
  • Analysis of sperm, shape, count, and motility.
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    If you want to become an egg donor, they need to be in a good state of health, and they also have to undergo a series of psychological screenings and physical screenings. Egg donation can help other infertile females to start their families. Females who age 21-33 years and those who are not suffering from genetic or other health concerns can become a suitable donor.

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    Egg and sperm freezing can be beneficial for a number of reasons for women and men, those who are wishing to preserve their fertility for the future. It can be performed by males and females who want to delay childbearing in order to pursue an education and career, and also in case one is undergoing cancer treatment.

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    Low ovarian reserve occurs when the ovaries lose their reproductive potential, and this can cause infertility. No treatment is effective to stop the process of low ovaries reserve, and in females who are infertile due to low egg count and quality, they can undergo ART (assisted reproductive technologies) to achieve a pregnancy.

    What Our Clients Say About Esha IVF


    Thank you Dr. Chandana. We have been struggling for 8 years, finally we got success. Thank you, Esha IVF , for making our dreams come true.


    Thank you very much Dr. Chandana for the concern and step by step guidance to us. Our success was due to your support and your wonderful treatment. We have been struggling for 1 year.


    Thank you very much Dr. Chandana for the concern and step by step guidance to us. Our success was due to your support and your wonderful treatment. We have been struggling for 1 year.