IVF Treatment During Covid-19

As of now, no significant information is available in the literature that tells about the effect of COVID-19 infection during in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. In this article, we will discuss IVF treatment to understand if it can be taken during Covid-19 and the safety of the procedure.

The article will answer your questions such as Covid-19 and IVF transfer, self-isolation during IVF and IVF cycles being canceled due to Covid-19, etc. 

This article will clear your doubts about IVF treatment during Covid-19 so you can make a better decision regarding fertility treatment.

Is it Safe to do IVF During Covid-19?

The pandemic has put everyone in a medically daunting situation and in addition to all other health issues, couples are facing confusion regarding their IVF treatment. The extensive treatment of IVF is leading to many doubts among people during the pandemic and the myths are growing rapidly. But the truth is that medical organizations have confirmed that Covid-19 vaccines are safe during IVF treatment.

Considering the extensive timeline of the IVF, it is not good for women to delay their treatment because of Covid-19. If you are about to take IVF treatment, you should not make any delays due to the pandemic. With the availability of safety protocols, it is now completely safe to get IVF treatment during the pandemic. With the availability of online payments, you will not face any issues getting your test reports and results at your home.

Do I Need to Self-isolate During IVF

IVF is already an isolating experience and Covid-19 has made things even worse. During IVF treatment, the first trimester starts months before you get pregnant. During this time, there are multiple tests done including the first test, embryo transfer, etc.

After the hormone injections and medications, two weeks of wait, and uncertainty, women tend to hide from their friends and relatives about their IVF treatment. You should avoid too much isolation as it can lead to stress. There is no shame in taking an IVF treatment and there is no need to isolate yourself, especially during the pandemic.

Self-isolation can have a negative impact on your health hence you should manage your personal and social life more effectively. With time, people will get more acquainted with IVF treatment and it will become a common thing just like any other treatment so there is no need to isolate and hide things and cause yourself too much stress.

Covid-19 and IVF Transfer

There is no need to delay IVF transfer in view of the pandemic because the majority of women of reproductive age are not in the high-risk group. To minimize the contact and spread of the virus, medical consultations are being done online and the blood tests are done by home visits.

For some other tests, the patients are sent to nearby labs to avoid issues due to the pandemic. Thanks to digital technology, you can consult with your doctor over video conferencing and get a follow-up on your treatment status. It also has helped the patients that are not able to reach the hospital due to top massive lockdowns and increased restrictions.

IVF Cancelled Due to Covid-19

Due to the increasing spread of the Covid-19 virus, many medical associations suspended most fertility treatments. Many couples lost their hopes to have a baby with IVF treatment because their treatment could not be resumed due to the increased risk of the coronavirus. But gradually, things have started to improve and the treatments are getting started again.

Due to Covid-19, tens of thousands of IVF cycles got disrupted and it did hurt a lot of people emotionally. If you are one of these individuals then you should not lose hope and give it another try. There are a lot of advancements made in IVF treatment. The impact of the Covid-19 is decreasing and it raised a lot of hope among couples trying to conceive.


People who are trying to conceive make a lot of efforts but the pandemic has caused a major disruption. With the improving situation, it is now possible to get IVF treatment during Covid-19. If you are willing to get an IVF treatment, you do not need to delay anymore due to the pandemic because there are appropriate safety measures available to keep you safe from the virus while you carry on with your IVF treatment.

We hope that we have cleared your doubts related to IVF treatment during Covid-19. We wish you good luck with your IVF journey and hope that you will conceive a healthy child.