Importance of Semen Analysis in Male Infertility Treatment

Male infertility is a complex issue that has many causes, from physical abnormalities to hormonal imbalances. It can have quite an impact on a person’s life as it makes it difficult for them to reproduce. There are several tests that men can undergo if they are having fertility issues. One important part of these tests is a semen analysis, which helps to identify several fertility issues. This article looks at the importance of semen analysis and how it helps to identify fertility issues.

Semen analysis is a routine medical procedure that helps to generate information about a man’s reproductive system. It can be performed at any time, with proper instructions. The Semen analysis mainly looks into sperm count, motility and morphology and helps to determine whether a man can Father a pregnancy. It also serves an important role in the male reproductive system.

How to Read a Sperm Analysis Report

The first important parameter is the number of sperm per millilitre or the sperm count. The other important factors in a semen analysis are the motility and morphology results. Motility is the movement of the sperm, and morphology is the appearance of the sperm.

This is an important report to have. If you have low motility or low count, you will likely want to know what it means, so it’s important to understand these terms. Here are some important facts that are explained in sperm analysis reports:

#6. Timing of sample collection:

Number of abstinence days from intercourse or ejaculation. Usually, 3-7 days recommended.

#5. Sperm concentration or count:

This is measured in millions per millilitre, which is abbreviated as “million/ml.” The range for normal concentration is 15 – 20 million/ml.

#4. Oligospermia:

The number of sperm per millilitre less than 15 million/ml. This is further categorized as mild,moderate and severe depending on how less is the count.

#3. Morphology:

Andrologists grades sperm based on its appearance – this is a measure of its health – basically to see how many per cent are  normal and how many  per cent of sperm are with defects.Increased number of abnormal sperms in the sample is called as Teratozoospermia

#2. Motility:

This is how well your sperm are moving. There are different kinds of movement, so it’s important to understand the terms used in reports. This is measured in per cent motile sperm, which means percent of sperm that are moving or have any activity at all. Asthenospermia is a condition with less number of motile sperms.

#1. Viability:

This shows the liveliness of the sperm. Sperm that is not viable cannot fertilize an egg.

The report will also indicate if you have had any fertility issues, like infections or other problems that may affect your fertility. The lab will also note any medications you are taking and whether they affect your sperm production or viability. If you have any fertility issues, you may want to find out what is causing them and see if there is a way to correct them.

How Many Days Abstinence Before Sperm Analysis

Before performing semen analysis, the suggested abstinence period is 3-5 days. If the period of abstinence exceeds too long then it reduces the motility of the sperm.

How to Eject Sperm for Test 

The common method of ejecting sperm is by masturbation and the semen is directed into a clean sample cup. Another way is by withdrawing your penis from your partner just before ejaculating and directing it into the clean sample cup. Moreover, you can ejaculate in a nontoxic condom (one that won’t kill your sperm) during sex and then send it to the lab for the test.

Human Sperm Collection Methods

There are different ways to collect sperm though masturbation is the typical method. The following are some that can be used for sperm collection:
1. Electroejaculation
2. Special nontoxic condom (one that won’t kill your sperm)
3. Surgical procedures


Semen analysis, along with other tests such as sperm count and motility, helps to determine whether a man can conceive a pregnancy. It also serves an important role in the reproductive system. We hope the article was able to clear your doubts about the importance of semen analysis in male fertility treatment. We wish you good luck with your health and your future.