How to Achieve Success In First IVF Cycle

When a woman or a couple decides to get an IVF treatment, they always look for the best chances to conceive successfully the first time. Though it is not completely up to you, still it is possible to increase the chances of a positive result the first time itself. In this article, we will discuss some ways that you can utilize for first-time IVF success.

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Diet Tips To Increase IVF Success

Some doctors often recommend avoiding any drastic change in your diet throughout your IVF cycle. Before your IVF treatment, you should consult your doctor about a balanced diet plan in which you can obtain a variety of minerals,anti-oxidants, and vitamins. It is important to know which foods to add to the diet and which ones to avoid. There is no specific diet plan but it should have nutrients like folic acid, zinc, iron, healthy fats, good amount of protein, and hydration for the body.

Indian Diet Plan for IVF Success

Here is an Indian diet plan that includes all kinds of nutrients that you will need during your IVF cycle. If you are overweight or underweight then you can use the following table to choose the food items according to your calorie requirements:

Indian Diet Plan for IVF Success

Food Item Calorie (KCAL) Protein (GMS) Nutri Fact
Early Morning (7 AM)
Milk (1 glass) 150 4 Helps to cool the acid rush down. Milk nutrients are absorbed better on empty stomach.
Soaked almonds 50 4 Rich in Omega 3 acids and a good protein source
Breakfast (9 AM)
2 slices of toasted brown bread 100 3 Helps to keep weight in check and it is a good source of carbs.
Palak (Spinach) sandwich 270 6 A good source of fiber and other nutrients such as folic acid, iron, and B6.
Vegetable oats Upma (1 small bowl) 250 3 Provide multi-nutrients from good fibre and veggies. Helps tackle constipation.
Apples / Orange / Pomegranate (1 bowl) 4 Vitamins and water
12:00 Noon
Coconut water (1 glass) 30 Tackle constipation, heartburn, and urinary tract infections
Lunch – 1:30 PM
Chapati 200 6 Good source of energy-giving carbohydrates
Dal tadka / Fish curry (1 bowl) 150 6 Good quality protein source
Palak paneer 150 6 Rich in folic acid and Iron
Dinner – 7:00 PM
Broken wheat Daliya + Veggies 200 6 Easy to digest
Curd 75 4 Good source of calcium, protein, Vitamin A, and D.
Salad 50 2 Fiber helps to digest food.

Foods to Help Implantation for IVF:

Though the diet plan above will be enough but the following foods will help you for better implantation for IVF:

  • Whole grains like quinoa, farro, and pasta (whole grain)
  • Legumes, lentils, and chickpeas
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Lean proteins like fish and poultry

IVF Success Rate in the First Attempt:

The national average for IVF in the first attempt is 55% for women younger than 35. This number keeps dropping steadily as the woman ages. If somehow things do not work, you should be ready for 2-3 cycles to conceive. You should choose the Best Fertility Centre for Your IVF Treatment where there are the best laboratories with the latest technology available, transparency of information, and full-time availability of doctors.

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When to Eat Avocado During IVF:

Avocado is claimed to be great food for women trying to conceive. Avocado is part of the Mediterranean diet foods that are popular for enhancing fertility. You should not just wake up and eat avocado but add it with breakfast, on toast, and in salads.

Avocado during IVF

                     When to Eat Avocado During IVF

IVF Preparation Checklist

The IVF journey starts with an initial consultation with your doctor or fertility team where you should ask questions and clear your doubts. Before you proceed you should know how to achieve maximum success during the first attempt. Also you should have a basic idea about how the IVF process will take place including its various stages.

Having this knowledge, you will be able to avoid all the myths that surround IVF treatment. People often make things worse due to lack of knowledge about IVF and start believing in the myths. To achieve success in the first IVF cycle, you should know the basic details about IVF and understand the facts and myths. You can also read our other article about the facts and myths of IVF. The following are the checklist items to be considered during your IVF preparation.

Checklist Items During IVF Preparation

#1. Reduce stress – meditation helps

#2. Eat healthily and stay hydrated

#3. Seek and accept support

#4. Take vitamins

#5. Avoid smoking and alcohol

#6. Try breathing exercises


First IVF cycle often makes people nervous due to its uncertainty. But with proper considerations and the right measures, you can enhance your chances of conceiving in the first attempt. We hope this article helped you in understanding IVF and many other things related to conceiving successfully in the first attempt.

If you are about to achieve success in first IVF cycle, we hope everything goes well and you get blessed with a healthy baby.